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Affiliate Organization:

Texas South Plains CTM

Affiliate Organizations:

East Texas CTM, North Texas CTM

Affiliate Organization:

Greater El Paso CTM

Affiliate Organization:

Fort Bend CTM

Affiliate Organizations:

Central Texas CTM; Austin Area CTM; Alamo District CTM

Affiliate Organizations:

Coastal CTM; Rio Grande Valley CTM; CTM@Texas A&M Kingsville (Student Affiliate)

2022 TCTM Board

The Executive Board meets twice a year, once in July at CAMT and once in the winter, usually in January.

All positions elected, unless noted with (*).


Jennifer Hylemon

VP Secondary

VP Elementary




Regional Director


Regional Director

Southeast Regional Director

South Regional Director

Southwest Regional Director

Central Regional Director

CAMT Board Member*

CAMT Board Member*

CAMT Board Member*

NCTM Representative*

Government Relations*


Membership Chair*

Website Manager*

Volunteer Chair*

Director of Publications*

Journal Editor*

NCSM Representative*

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 2.51.28 PM.png

2022 TCTM Executive Board

Top Row:  Kandi Hunter, Mark Montgomery, Tracene Nechamkin, Kathy Hale. Second Row:  Sherita Wilson-Rodgers, Yolanda Parker, Devin Hanes, Ashley Cruz. Third Row: Daniela Palmer, Jennifer Hylemon, Dittika Gupta, Paul Gray. Bottom Row: Martin Cardenas, John Lamb, Dusty Jones, Tawnia King, Arash Abnoussi.  

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